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KHW-India’s Sponsorship program allows an individual, group or corporate to participate in the growth and development of a child. It also provides opportunities to interested persons to develop a personal relationship with a child and its community through regular communications and occasional visits.

In its sponsorship program KHW-India gives preference to non-institutional, family/community-based care. In the majority of cases the child is not separated from its family/community. Only in exceptional cases, institutional care is acceptable and supported.

The program focuses mainly in the areas of providing quality education, health care and life skills to Children at Risk (Children in especially difficult circumstances, being orphans, semi-orphans, differently abled and victims of socio-economic ills, inequalities and conflict).

KHW-India’s Sponsorship Program lays a strong emphasis on quality education. It is our conviction that it is each Child’s birthright to have access to inclusive quality education as a stepping stone to future wellbeing, prosperity and realization of God given potential.  We believe that investing in children’s education, health, social and emotional & cognitive development strengthens the foundations of a more democratic, equitable, healthier, humane and productive society.

Nothing can be more rewarding than seeing a young life grow and blossom into a happy productive individual.

A majority of the sponsored children attend KHW-India’s school, Dehradun Public School, Village Kandoli, Dehradun. Having our own school helps as siblings of sponsored children can also attend.