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Dehradun Public School (DPS-Kandoli) was set up by KHW-India with the distinct purpose of providing access to quality education in a safe, conducive environment to children who would otherwise be denied such a privilege. It is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi and prepares children for the year 10, ICSE examinations. Plans are to very soon upgrade the school to year 12 (ISC).

KHW-India believes that it is very important that the children of DPS-Kandoli are provided comparable, if not better, facilities to the schools where only the privileged and affluent can go. We very strongly oppose the notion that just because children are poor and underprivileged a substandard infrastructure and education will suffice.

In addition it is KHW-India’s mandate to develop DPS-Kandoli into a model inclusive school where all children regardless of socio-economic, physical and intellectual circumstance, are provided the space and opportunity to develop to their full potential.

DPS-Kandoli’s aspires that each child whilst acquiring knowledge also imbibes irrevocably the twin values of integrity and compassion.


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