A poverty free and just world where all children and their communities have equal opportunity and access to develop their full potential.


The purpose of KHW-India is to engage in Appropriate, Sustainable, Child Sensitive Social Action to empower children and their communities towards developing their full potential by

  • Striving to be sensitive to the voice, wisdom and participation of the
    community in the development process.
  • Striving for Universal, Inclusive, Quality – Education, Healthcare &
    Training for all children.
  • Striving towards mainstreaming, inclusion and a life of dignity and purpose for differently abled.
  • Striving to build disaster resilient communities and to provide timely, appropriate relief and rehabilitation to victims of natural & manmade disasters and human conflict.
  • Striving towards Synergistic Partnerships with like minded organizations and individuals.
  • Striving for inclusion of the differently abled in all programs of KHW-India.


  • KHW-India believes in non-partisan, non-discriminatory, non-political social action based on the principles of equality and justice.
  • KHW-India believes in Gender Equality.
  • KHW-India respects community wisdom, participation and ownership.
  • KHW-India believes in integrity, transparency, stewardship and humility in all its actions.

KHW-India believes in collaboration and synergy to add value and optimize impact.