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Kinderhilfswerk Society (KHW-India) is an Indian childcare and development organization. It is a part of an international concern for children at risk and is committed to working towards a better world for children and communities.

All activities of KHW India are directed towards ensuring a better world for all children. We believe that all developmental activity has to be sensitive to, and must address the needs of all children.

KHW India is the Indian affiliate of Kinderhilfswerk Global Care, Germany, which presently serves in over twenty countries world-wide.

KHW India’s present activities focus on:

  • Safeguarding children.
  • Improving access to Quality Education, Training and Healthcare especially for vulnerable and at risk children including children with special needs.
  • Early detection, correction, rehabilitation, training and employment of persons with disability, especially from remote mountain villages in Uttarakhand and other vulnerable communities.
  • Inclusive Disaster Mitigation, Relief & Rehabilitation.