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Dehradun Public School


DPS-Kandoli was set up by KHW India with the distinct purpose of providing access to quality education in a safe, conducive environment to children who would otherwise be denied such a privilege.

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Empowering PWDs

Samvedna’s mission is to walk alongside the persons with disability respecting their individuality, their abilities and aspirations and ensuring equal opportunity, justice and a productive, fulfilling and happy life.

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Imparting quality education

KHW India’s sponsorship program allows an individual, group or corporate to participate in the growth and development of a child. It also provides opportunities to interested persons to develop  a personal relationship with a child.

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Quality professional training

This program provides for professional training or college education of mostly, but not exclusively, sponsored children. Many of the young individuals being helped would otherwise not have had access to the trainings they are presently undergoing.